Recent changes to this wiki:

rust: tweak test syntax
librsvg implies rust, so no need to mention it.
rust: tweak
rust: tweak
rust: explain that firefox does not prove librsvg is ok
quarterly: fix URL
quarterly: adust rust description (but not date)
back off the idea tha rust is on the verge of coming off the list of
packges with a pre-freeze date. We just had a bad experience in
fix release number
freeze -> ON
rust: update after pre-2021Q3 update
rust: clarify run/build for firefox
(still very drafty)
add proposed rust testing plan
add 2021Q2 announcement
update branch
quarterly: Add symlink flipping QC
freeze is over
Link to [[quarterly]] for freeze rules.
is-a-freeze-on: YES
quarterly: add postgresql, mysql to language version changes
quarerly: drop explanation for being in the wiki
quarterly: Add gdt's rules
update IRC channel
mentoin boost bulk
quarterly: proofreading
quarterly: adjust wording about old binary packages
(this is not a substnative change)
quarterly: Note non-support for NetBSD-current on stable branches
quarterly: typo
quarterly: Fix gmake edit
quarterly: Add boost to approval-always-needed section
Clean up old boost language
no full stop here
mention pkg_chk
various updates
further limit page width
note mirrors for people who have problems with cdn
some linux distros don't default to ssh for cvs
correct number of source packages
clarify not-subscribed situation
make packages link more obvious
slightly less wordsy
clarify make commands
add link to package listings
Remove left margin in mobile view
Limit horizontal size for readability
Update for index.html-ification
prevent <pre> from growing too wide
more shell PS1s
maybe we don't need multiple in-page links
add more shell thingies
expand examples
Add an intro to the netbsd section
should have been margin rather than padding
align the top links a little better
Fix two typos
on second thought just link to the package db at the top
it's a list
actually unpad release notes
use convential list style
don't indent nav weirdly on mobile
replace spans with div
don't close span twice
Add magic boilerplate for mobile devices
add two levels to toc
link netbsd and smartos
23 is a rather arbitrary number
increase contrast of <pre> and headers
more details in quickstart
fix href
Move sidebars back where they were. Instead, add a "skip to content"
link that should only appear on small screens.
do something about the sidebar boxes on mobile
avoid doubled borders in side boxes
make digestbox css less quirky
Update favicon
fix rust randomness instructions
addd 'and support'
adjust intro
get rid of docs section, link directly to guide
Explain pkgin, move security section so it isn't hidden at the bottom.
better marketing blurb
trim down supported platforms sections a bit
this mostly contains a lot of wiki links, and the netbsd wiki
is already linked elsewhere.
move some stuff into the developers section
clean up redundant mailing list link
Add an exmaple of getting the stable branch
Add a community section.
fix markup (hopefully)
various cleanups
Add a line break after the header image
add cross-reference to quickstart
clean up header
revert topbar change, the layout is not what i expected
move tagline out of hyperlink and add some margin.
Use normal line height for title. Prevents clipping
use a logo in the correct aspect ratio
use the same link styling as
this provides increased contrast and readability.
just use sans-serif. avoids picking bad bitmap helvetica.
use uname -p
Mention new 2021Q1 branch
freeze is over
quarterly: Add glib2 to the pre-freeze list for 2/15
Also, add any packge with >= 500 dependencies as of 3/1
pkgsrc freeze is on
Fix a 2020Q3^H4 copypasto.
Reported in private via IRC.