Recent changes to this wiki:

Add pkgsrc-2020Q4 announcement
Markdownify a missed instance of PKG_DBDIR.
Downshift a subhead missed in previous.
More Markdown. Downshift all headings but the first.
Fix WikiLink from news item to full-length item.
Take advantage of more Markdown formatting features.
add q4 as ok
add exhortation to read known issues
add known issues section
pkgdb: typo, from Hauke Fath
Welcome to 2021!
update branch tag
pkgdb: typo
pkgdb: Note that alternate LOCALBASE is not supported
Fix typo.
markup typo
pkgdb-change: finish rewrite pass
editing pass at instructions
freeze: Add no removals
Note /usr/pkg/etc/pkg_install.conf
start freeze
pkgdb-change: Add new overview
Recommend setting variables
pkgdb-change: steal text from previous item
pkgdb-change: promote news item to wiki page
This makes it easier to read, and less odd to keep editing it.
This commit moves the content, and adds a brief explanation as news.
Explicitly mention in the pbulk section that pkg_* need to be updated in all sandboxes.
Reinstate the install(1) step, it is still necessary for pbulk.
Try simplifying instructions.
Reword comment.
Recommend setting PKG_DBDIR instead of updating /usr/sbin.
Add comment that updating /usr/sbin is only necessary if you did
not update your base system
Mention the option of updating to NetBSD-8 or -9 stable branch.
Use bmake for bootstrapped systems, since that's the default make name there.
Add a section how to update pkg_install in bootstrapped installations.
Fix a typo
Add a new header.
Mention that pkg_delete may fail
Mention that PKG_COMPILER can not be set for this update.
Tweak instructions again.
make update/make replace don't play nice if the package is not installed.
Manually pkg_delete it. (We lose the dependency information but it works.)
Make sure there is no work directory.
Move the databases after the new version is installed.
expand cvs update
I watched a reasonably computer literate person, who is not a
programmer try to follow these instructions and they failed big
time. Fix the instructions so that you don't have to be a pkgsrc
developer to understand them.
- replace ${PREFIX} (an undefined shell variable) with /usr/pkg where appropriate
- start the instructions with a cvs update
- note that moving the pkgdb directories must be done before you build pkg_install
- use update not install when building pkg_install so it works the package is already installed
- give an example of where pbulk.conf might be found
quarterly: Extend dates to all 4 quarters
Mention pkg.refcount
Noted by martin
Mention pbulk. Explicitly list pkg_install tools in cp command.
note about pkgin
Fix typo, noted by jun
improvement on the details
Simplify instructions.
Mention daily cron jobs (from uwe)
Add method to postpone the change.
Add news about pkgdb default directory change.
New pkgsrc-security key
Add news entry about pkgsrc-2020Q3
declare 2020Q3 stable
now no freeze
add link to freeze status
2020Q3 freeze is on
quarterly: Fix wordo (minor edit)
quarterly: Add notion that updates don't cause breakage
We have long had a notion that updates should not, absent discussion
and consensus, cause serious breakage, and that minor breakage is ok
to the extent it can be fixed by the next freeze. At least, I've said
this many times without conceptual objection, and we have had the
notion of people doing bulk builds to test large-consequence changes
that seem risky. Write this notion down in the general policy
section, with no particular detailed rules.
quarterly: Add cmake to early freeze
quarterly: Add early date for perl, and go/python/etc. version change
This is intended to document the apparent consensus from the
discussion surrounding the go update, and apparent shared
understanding that it was good the perl update happened when it did,
rather than the day before the freeze, rather than to create new
policy out of nowhere.
Formatting again. Try blank line before start of list. Who created
this silly system?
- homonym error: there -> their
- typos
- formatting (stupid system where leading and trailing spaces are relevant)
Use (R) not (C) for NetBSD, consistent with usages.
Noticed by <kamil>, thanks!
Bump copyright year.
Noticed by <kamil>, thanks!
It is `git rm', not `git remove' to remove $SOMETHING
Noticed by Jay Patel via #pkgsrc@Freenode, thanks!
quarterly: expand current/old
quarterly: add notoin of current
drop qt5
add analysis
qt5 is not netbsd specific
add stable pullup testing
projects: add list of things to do
quarterly: expand on bulk build definition
pkgsrc-2020Q2 is out.
Freeze is over.
quarterly: qt5 always needs approval
pkgsrc-2020Q2 freeze is on
quarterly: fold in nia@ suggestions
+ clang, gmake
quarterly: Add qt5 to early freeze list
(As suggested by nia@, seconded by gdt@, and with no objections.)
index: move developer information to next-to-last
index: link to quarterly
quarterly: clarify that firefox ESR is not part of the
quarterly: NFC edits from rillig
typo. Clarify ifdef by OS to conditioned by; the point is the
function, not the mechanism.
quarerly: formatting
quarterly: improve boost wording
quarterly: add rust MAKE_JOBS
quarterly: Add bulk rules
quarterly: Adjust rust language
Note that rust is on the pre-freeze list, but that this is
particularly dynamic.
quarterly: add rust
quarterly: typo
quarterly: typo
uuarterly: Edit based on wiz comments
(Also some reorginzation, but no substnative chagnes.)
wuarterly: formatting
quarterly: clarify firefox build issue